Stuttgart Coffee Summit

As part of Intergastra 2016 Landesmesse Stuttgart commissioned Werbeagenten with the development of the visual appearance and communication policy for the third Stuttgart-Coffee-Summit. Part of the objective was to also support the work of string-puller, networker and co-organizer Dr. Steffen Schwarz of the Mannheim Coffee Consulate. As consultant of the trade fair organizers and important player of a worldwide coffee network Dr. Schwarz created the concept of the “Stuttgart Coffee Summit” forum. Werbeagenten developed a consistent brand appearance as well as a variety of communication measures spanning multiple channels and time intervals. (On-site) Support was also offered.


Not only coffee enthusiasts, small and micro roasters and coffee machine manufacturers met in Hall 9, but also producers of well-known and renowned coffee brands. Interesting lectures held by coffee farmers from around the world, entrepreneur-consultants, coffee philosophers and experts complemented the occasion. You could find us mingling amongst sipping Cup Tasters, all kinds of fragrant coffee drinks, milk-art and topping competitions. To contribute to the live atmosphere of the summit we installed our very own open office right in the middle of the action.
Updating the website and social media channels of the SCS was not our only objective. We also “published” a daily four-paged micro-magazine including reviews and previews for the upcoming day. Written, designed and digitally printed at our booth. A constant stream of well-known personalities, coffee experts and big and small players of the coffee business joined in and became a part of our “KaffeeBlatt” (“CoffeePaper”).