Libella gets a Makeover

Germany’s largest licensed beverage brand with more than 50 years of tradition has remained fresh and innovative. Now, Werbeagenten have contributed with a redesign of the label family amongst other things.

The slogan „Echt fruchtig, frisch Libella …” (“Really fruity, fresh Libella …”) is still known to many from the radio and their childhood. To emphasize the sovereignty of the brand we reshaped the slogan to „Echt. Fruchtig. Frisch.” (“Real. Fruity. Fresh.”) not just for radio broadcasting. The naturalness of ingredients and flavourings was visualized by a (branded) wooden crate, freshly chilled bottles of Libella and plenty of appetizing fruits. To complete the key visual, this ensemble was placed in front of real orchard meadows and combined with modernized design elements from the Libella Toolkit.
Real. Fruity. Fresh.